Education Ministry to hold second round of exams tomorrow

The second round exams for students of all grades (day scholars and adult students) in government schools will begin from August 18.

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has completed all preparations to protect students, examiners and school staff from COVID-19 pandemic.

“The preparations have been made from technical and logistic aspects. Examination halls at schools have been readied to receive the students,” said Assistant Director of Student Assessment Department at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Iman Al Mohannadi.

Speaking in a Qatar TV programme yesterday, she said that tables of specifications and examination schedules have been circulated to schools which will hold the exams. 

To a question about measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 during exams, Iman said: “Stickers to ensure social distancing have been placed in examination halls. Only 15 students will be allowed in an examination hall as maximum. Thermal screening will be conducted at the entrance to check the temperature of students and all staff at the entrance of schools.”

She said that they are also required to wear face mask; and adults should show green status in Ehteraz app at the entrance. “The protocol of preventive measures of COVID-19 has been sent to all schools which will be implemented during exams,” said Iman. 

She said that two types of students will take exams of second round – those whose luck did not favor in the first round and those who were unable to appear in the first round.

Speaking about the students with chronic diseases, Iman said, “Examination of such students will be held under separate examination control committee at the rate of 15 students per committee as maximum. They will be provided necessary medical services throughout the examination process.”

To a question about dealing with suspected cases of infection, she said that as per the protocol isolated rooms will be available at every school where such cases will be shifted immediately.

“After measuring temperature and checking the health condition of students the decision will be made whether to allow the students to complete the paper or to shift him to the nearest hospital with coordination of parents,” said Iman.

Iman Al Mohannadi urged all students who are going to take papers on Wednesday (tomorrow) to adhere strictly to preventive measures even at their social gathering to be healthy during exams as the second round exam is a final chance for them.

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar