e-Payment Gateway sees over 582,100 online transactions in 1st quarter

Doha: The online transactions between the government departments have surged in the first quarter (Q1) of this year, reflecting the success of Qatar Digital Government programme.

More than 582,100 transactions were conducted through e-Payment Gateway in the first quarter of 2021, according to latest figures shared by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

The e-Pay (e-Payment Platform) provides online payment options for government entities seeking to develop their digital services and require online payment, which enables full automation of online services, by allowing users to pay their transaction fees online securely.

It also allows government entities to add a feature to their digital services that allows inquiring about payment status by transaction number or date. According to a post shared by the MoTC on its Twitter account yesterday, number of transactions by government entities via e-Payment Gateway during first quarter of 2021 is 582,108. In January 2021; total 151,691 transactions were made while 159,832 and 270,585 transactions were made in February and March, respectively.

Meanwhile, according to MoTC, number of government e-correspondences done in first quarter of 2021 are 94, 905. In January 28, 163 e-correspondences were done while 29, 958 and 36, 784 e-correspondences were done in February and March respectively.

The Government e-Correspondence System (Morasalat) advantages include automation of government correspondence, adopting highest security, lowering administrative costs, saving time and effort, activating paperless work concept.

The Government e-Correspondence System (Morasalat) was developed to provide all government entities with a secure and robust system for sending and receiving correspondences (official letters) through the government network.

Government entities can access the system to send the outgoing correspondences directly to the target entity in a simple yet secured channel. The system also provides the entities with the ability to track receipt of correspondence and to capture the user who received the correspondence along with the date and time.

Morasalat provides the following features: Automating government correspondence between government entities; improving connectivity between government entities; secure and highly available correspondence system.

These government shared services are under Qatar Digital Government of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. “Crisis Management and Business Continuity Plan in the State of Qatar supports remote work system thanks to government shared services and infrastructure readiness to providing electronic services to individuals and businesses,” MoTC said in another tweet.

The tweet indicates that crisis management and business continuity plan in Qatar for supporting remote work revolves around four core principles including rolling out policies and framework; activating the crisis management task force; securing best customer services; and adopting remote work mechanism.

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