Dust mass to cause low visibility from tonight: Qatar Weather

Doha: A formation of dust mass at the Northeastern of the Arabian Peninsula may result in low visibility in Qatar, according to a weather update by Qatar Meteorology Department (QMD).

It is expected to reach the country tonight and tomorrow at dawn. During this period, visibility may range to less than 2 kilometres and zero at some areas at times. 

Hot weather conditions during daytime with slight dust is forecasted for today. 

The wind will blow from Northwesterly to Northeasterly direction, with light to fresh in speed, gusting to 24 KT at times. 

The Department further said that a marine warning of strong wind and high seas is also in effect today. 

Last week, Qatar experienced low visibility due to heavy dust which blanketed the country. Horizontal visibility was as low as zero in certain parts of the country during that period. 

Due to this weather condition, QMD urged all citizens and residents to take precaution.