Doha Festival City Introduces Reverse Vending Machine on Global Recycling Day

Doha, Qatar: In commemoration of Global Recycling Day on March 18, Doha Festival City has introduced a cutting-edge reverse vending machine (RVM). Positioned at Welcome Court A on the Ground Floor, this initiative reflects the mall's dedication to sustainability and environmental conservation.

The RVM, equipped to handle plastic initially and aluminum and glass subsequently, boasts advanced features including a glass crusher module and a plastic and aluminum shredder module. Incorporating Aco Recycling's state-of-the-art AI Recognition Tech, it ensures the efficient processing of recyclable materials.

Robert Hall, Director of Asset Management at Doha Festival City, emphasizes the mall's sustainability ethos, stating, "Integrating technology with sustainability has always been central to Doha Festival City's mission. The introduction of the RVM marks a significant stride towards a greener future. We warmly invite everyone to join us in making a positive environmental impact. This initiative, aligned with our brand philosophy 'It's My Place, My Choice,' reaffirms our commitment to providing a platform where the community can actively participate in sustainability efforts."

Doha Festival City's dedication to recycling and sustainability has been steadfast over the years.