Doha Corniche turns hotspot for fitness freaks

Fitness facilities on the Doha Corniche have become appealing once again this winter to a large number of residents, providing not only a suitable picnic and hangout area but also a good location to engage in some exercise.

“I cover every equipment during a one hour session every Friday and Saturday in winter,” Indian expatriate Somorendro told Gulf Times.

He said people who live an active and healthy lifestyle benefit a lot from Qatar's initiative, which raises awareness on the importance of exercising.

After running an average of 8km to 9km along the stretch, the 34-year-old Doha resident joins others in burning more calories on the fitness equipment.

“The Doha Corniche is one of my favourite places to exercise because it is located by the seaside,” Somorendo said. He also does a separate workout at home for 45 minutes as part of his daily routine.

Filipino expatriate Flor Cabrito said he also gets the same benefit of utilising the fitness equipment, especially since he is diabetic.

Along with his wife, he said spending the weekend to walk, jog, and exercise on the Doha Corniche for more than an hour have significantly helped him to stay fit and manage his diabetes.

He hopes to maintain his weekly routine in the same area, a place where he meets many of his colleagues and compatriots.

Cabrito said he is more comfortable doing his workout outdoors, especially at public parks, than indoor using similar equipment such as treadmills and cross-trainers.

"That is why having these equipment here on the Corniche is just nice and perfect. Apart from the health benefits I get, I also see and meet a lot of people while doing my exercise" he added.

For a 40-year-old Bangladeshi expatriate Mostafi Zurahman, a week of hard work in the office deserves a morning workout on the Doha Corniche on Fridays.

“I find the fitness equipment good for everyone to enjoy because exercising is good for our health,” he said, adding that he also visits other public parks such as Aspire and Souq Waqif.

It is learnt that several parks have also installed various fitness equipment and playground for children to serve the increasing number of visitors, especially this winter.

Zurahman, who lives in Madinat Khalifa, said he has been using the facilities for two years now.

He hopes more residents will make good use of these equipment, located at various points along the Doha Corniche.

As seen on GulfTimes  Image Credits GulfTimes