Direct driving test available for residents with valid GCC licence

Doha: Residents who hold a valid driving licence from any GCC countries can opt to register for direct driving test, without the need to register for driving courses, to obtain their licence in Qatar.

First Lieutenant Muhammad Al-Amri, from the General Directorate of Traffic, confirmed that the driving licence holders from the GCC countries can register for a direct test to obtain their driving licence.

Speaking to Qatar TV about the traffic procedures provided by “Licencing Department”, he added that as for the citizens of GCC they can convert their licence into Qatari driving licences immediately.

As per the traffic rules, holders of a valid driving licence from one of the GCC nations who are visiting relatives or are here for tourism can drive in Qatar for up to 3 months from the date they enter the country. Proof of the date of entry to Qatar must be provided on demand, so it is essential that drivers carry their passport or entry visa details at all times.