DHFC launches Unique Bikes Gallery

Doha Festival City (DHFC) launched the Unique Bikes Gallery, featuring customised bikes and classic cars, in the mall’s Luxury Mode corridor on Monday in collaboration with the Soul Riders Club.

Nine unique bikes, alongside a grandly embellished 1953 GMC truck and BMW R60, are attracting hundreds of mallgoers and automobile enthusiasts.

“We are displaying our most iconic designs, including two 21-karat gold-plated handmade bikes. Most of the bikes that are showcased here have been customised by me or my colleagues,” Soul Riders Club founding member Abdulla al-Hajjaj told Gulf Times.

He joined founder Khalid al-Hamadi at the ribbon-cutting ceremony to open the gallery, which runs until September 30.


Abdulla al-Hajjaj joins Khalid al-Hamadi at the ribbon-cutting ceremony

The multinational bikers' club has been organising several charity activities and collaborates with the Ministry of Interior’s Traffic Department to help raise road safety awareness in the country.

Al-Hajjaj noted that one of the bikes on display is a winner at the recently held European Bike Week in Switzerland, enthralling attendees at the prestigious event.

Another featured bike at the gallery, al-Hajjaj said, took a month of "tattooing its whole frame (sans stickers)" while the vintage BMW car was modified.

“When you finished the project it is very rewarding, like this truck (GMC) - it took me a year (to finish) and if you look at it, you will wonder how to drive this vehicle because it is too low,” he pointed out.


A 1953 GMC truck on display at the gallery. PICTURES: Joey Aguilar

“So we start to explain how we made it, and this seems not drivable, but it is, it has an airbag, when you click a button it will lift over and elevate itself and runs very well with a brand-new 2016 engine,” al-Hajjaj explained. 

He added that they want to showcase their special and award-winning bikes and cars at the gallery, including the trophies the group received. 

According to DHFC, the gallery provides an opportunity for families and automobile enthusiasts to “see and embrace the craftsmanship involved in assembling the luxury bikes and cars”.

“We are honoured and proud to be able to support our local entrepreneurs and bring their award winning lavish exhibits into our mall,” DHFC’s senior marketing manager May Marzooq said in a press statement. 

“We are constantly seeking to support the local community of artisans, displaying local heritage and work is something that is always on our agenda,” she added.

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