DHFC events raise awareness on mental health, diabetes

Doha Festival City (DHFC) earlier this week collaborated with the Mental Health Friends Association (Weyak) and Shafallah Centre to host two initiatives to raise awareness on the pressing issues of mental health and diabetes.

The two initiatives took place at the entertainment node and steps node in Doha Festival City which saw many shoppers and customers participating in the activities.

Weyak ran the “La Tahaty” campaign which focused on depression on November 13-14. The organisers educated attendees on depression and methods to managing it.

They also shared the vision of the non-profit organisation with participants and encouraged them to enjoy the activities and continue their efforts in spreading awareness amongst their families, friends and communities on the importance of being aware of and understanding mental health.

In parallel, Shafallah Centre, in collaboration with the Qatar Diabetes Association, held an informative session and an activity on World Diabetes Day.

Children wearing t-shirts with the blue circle icon formed a circle in the mall, representing the interests of people living with or affected by diabetes.

Afterwards, the children participated in a walk around Festival City to promote healthy living.

Robert Hall, general manager of Doha Festival City, said: “Doha Festival City remains dedicated to benefiting the community. We are keen in collaborating with entities that aim to raise awareness on key issues such as mental health and diabetes.”

As seen on GulfTimes  Image Credits GulfTimes