Despite siege, Qatar makes great strides in security

Qatar has made important achievements this year in the areas of security, world peace, competitiveness, combating the financing of terrorism and money laundering, to earn the confidence of international institutions and bodies.

The Ministry of the Interior said in a report, that these achievements, which are based on the security and safety enjoyed by Qatar and the quality of services provided to the public, were achieved despite the siege imposed on the State five months ago.

The ministry stressed that these achievements proved Qatar's ability to deal with all the conditions and crises that plague the region.

The report said that the Qatar's achievement has earned the confidence of international institutions and bodies based on the levels that the ranks Qatar has achieved, especially in the indicators related to the state of security and peace, which depend on statistics of crimes that are disturbing to security and other indicators related to the spread of drugs, its smuggling and abuse.

It pointed out that the ministry has also been able to achieve successes in other areas, most importantly the significant decrease in rates of registered crimes and drug crimes since the beginning of the siege imposed on Qatar.

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