Demand for farwa jackets & reverse umbrella rises

The demand for new winter ‘Farwa jackets’ and ‘Reverse umbrellas’ has started picking up in stores, hypermarkets and Souqs as Qatar residents have started feeling the chill and also want to enjoy the rains.
“Winter Farwa Jacket” is similar to a full length Arabic coat. It is made of wool and internally padded with fur. Its relatively heavier (weight approximately 3kg) due to its internal fur and is perfect to keep one warm in the coldest of winters.
Muhammad, salesman at Hussain Textile and Tailor Store at Souq Waqif said: “Farwa jackets are imported from Syria. The cloth used on the outer side of jacket is “water proof”, this jacket is specially designed to keep warm in winter and can be worn in rainy season as well. For young boys the jacket costs QR120, for men full-length jacket is for QR250 and for children the jacket costs QR100.”
“Most of the Qatari men visit my shop to buy special ‘Woolen Ghutra Scarf’, which is for QR65 and Qatari women buy special cape shawls made up of wool and leather to wear over Abaya, each cape shawl is for QR65,” he added.
Sales of umbrellas are also on the rise, with people looking to make the most of the pleasant weather. Mostly, children look for umbrellas of their own choice to carry them to schools. Lulu Hypermarket is providing special customised umbrellas and a special type of umbrella called ‘Reverse Umbrella’.
“Reverse umbrella”, leaves wet side of the canopy contained on the inside when closed. It doesn’t drip on the floor or soak anything it touches. It opens on the upper side thus avoiding risk of poking passers-by in the eye and head. It is double coated, it is strong. A click of the button and the umbrella restores back to its open shape.
“We have a wide range of umbrellas starting from QR24 to QR80. Customised umbrellas are available for QR26 and normal sized umbrellas are for QR37. The special ‘Reverse Umbrella’ cost QR 80,” said a salesgirl at Lulu Hypermarket.
Muhammad Uzair, salesman at Tanoob Store at Souq Waqif said: “Umbrellas from China are available at our store in all sizes. They are priced between QR10 and QR25. Umbrellas for children are for QR10, Normal sized umbrella are for QR15 and good for two umbrella is for QR25.”
Jamshed Abrahim, salesman at Al- Zainy Trading at in Souq Waqif told The Peninsula: “The most selling item at my shop is ‘Pashmina Shawl’. One Pashmina Shawl costs QR15. Tourists buy these colourful, light weighted and warm shawls the most. People come and buy these shawls in bulk as well. Per dozen of these shawls is available for QR160. Good quality woolen caps are for QR10 and other caps are for QR8 each.”

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar