Only after one year of the new sponsorship law is passing followed by the publishing in the gazette, the changes made to the Qatar’s Kafala system will only come into existence. This law will overwrite the current system of sponsorship and would be drafted only after a year by the cabinet for the process of final approval and issuances. 

The one year lag is due to the rule mentioned in the Draft law i.e. it should be put in action only after one year after publishing in the gazette. As per the government representatives the time lag is to ensure that the social and economic environment is created and all other agencies are ready for it.

The new law will overwrite the law put forward in 1963 and would be replaced by the new ones like ‘employer’, employee or expat worker and the relation between the outside employee and the employer will be based on an agreement they mutually sign.As per the new law, the employer cannot object the overseas travel of the employee and it can only be done by the respective public prosecution or the court itself. After enforcement of the new law, Qatar will be fulfilling promises of the much requested changes to the sponsorship system.