Covid-19 restrictions currently in force in Qatar

Doha: As part of the gradual lifting of Covid-19 restrictions, starting October 3, Qatar eased a number of precautionary measures including continuous wearing of masks and 100% attendance in school and workplaces. 

These are some of the restrictions that are still in place:

1. Prohibition of more than four people in a vehicle, including the driver, excluding families. 

2. No mask-wearing in open public places, except visiting organised public events, markets, exhibitions or the premises of mosques, schools, universities and hospitals. Continuing mask-wearing requirement in all closed places. 

3. No more than 30 vaccinated people, or five unvaccinated or mixed groups to gather indoors.

4. No more than 50 vaccinated or 10 unvaccinated or mixed groups to gather outdoors.

5.  No more than 30 percent of the capacity for weddings at closed venues and hotels, a maximum of 250 people with 20 unvaccinated. No more than 50 percent of the capacity of the outdoor wedding hall, a maximum of 400 people, of which 50 can be unvaccinated or mixed groups. 

6. Private boats at 50% capacity

7. Gyms, training clubs to operate at 75% capacity

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8. Nurseries and childcare at 75% capacity

9. Up to 30 can gather at parks, beaches, and the Corniche. 

10. Private education and training centres at 75% capacity

11. Indoor dining at 75% capacity at Clean Qatar restaurants 

12. Cinemas and theatres at 50% capacity, at least 75% vaccinated and children allowed as part of 25% non-vaccinated capacity 

13. Barbershop and salons to operate at 75% capacity with no more than two children under 12 at one time

14. Amusement parks and entertainment centres at 75% capacity outdoors and 50% capacity indoors with no age restriction.



As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar