Covid-19 cases likely to increase over next 10 to 14 days: Official

Doha: We are now seeing over 500 new cases every day and it is likely this number to increase over the next 10 to 14 days, Dr. Abdullatif Al Khal, Chairman of the National Pandemic Preparedness Committee, said at the press conference held today to explain the developments regarding coronavirus in Qatar.

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Main points from his speech:

  • Over the past two weeks the COVID-19 situation has become worse as more people fall sick and need to be admitted to the hospitals with severe illness.
  • In the past week the rate of daily cases has increased, and it is clear that we are in the second wave of the virus.
  • We are now seeing over 500 new cases every day and it is likely this number to increase over the next 10 to 14 days.
  • As we announced two weeks ago, despite the best efforts to prevent the introduction of new varlants into the country. we, like many countries in the region and around the world, are now seing many cases in Qatar of the new variant from the UK.
  • The circulation of the UK variant has contributed signifcantly to the spread of COVID-19 in Qatar and to the recent increase in cases as it is more highly transmissible and clinical evidence appears to now show that the UK variant can cause more severe illness.

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  • In recent days we have also identified a number of cases of the South African variant among returning travelers. The new restrictions will help to ensure the South African variant does not enter the  community and become the dominant strain.
  • The data and clinical evidence is clear - unless we all do our part in following these new restrictions as well as all the preventive measures, we will continue to see the number of new daily cases increase daily
  • If each and every one of us takes responsibility and acts appropriately over the next two to three weeks, we can cut this virus off and begin to see a big decline in cases.
  • With the Holy Month of Ramadan fast approaching in April, we must all do what we can now so that we can control this virus quickly and hopefully ease some of the restrictions during Ramadan and be able to celebrate Eid.
  • We all have an individual responsibility to play our part in getting through this pandemic. Although we are in a better position this year than last year because of the vaccines, at least for now, we must all work together and tighten the measures against COVID-19.


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