CONMEBOL — Tree of Dreams, a big hit among fans at Msheireb

Doha: An addition to football’s cultural flavour in the country is the CONMEBOL — Tree of Dreams located at Sikkat Al Wadi in Msheireb Downtown Doha, which is drawing huge crowds of South American fans.

Fans can take a tour through how South American football has evolved throughout history, and play interactive games that will put their football prowess to the test.

Among the many visitors are Ayman and his eight year old son Fadl who are from Sudan to experience their first FIFA World Cup. He said the exhibition served as an inspiration for his son, an aspiring football star. “We’re both big football fans, and the galleries served as a motivation for us that one day my son can be one of the legends. The Tree of Dreams is amazing, everything was perfect.”

Daniel from Ecuador said the project is remarkable. “A tree for all the world to see. You can take photos of the football legends and try your football skills. It’s fun, interactive, everyone will enjoy it.”

The centrepiece of the exhibition is a tree, CONMEBOL, described it as the energy of the South America continent. “Feel the energy of the continent pulsing through the tree, feeding the passion and instinct of South American footballs past, present and future.” It is 6.1 metre high and engraved with member associations, great names of the sport in South America.

The Tree of Dreams is divided into three experiences: The Best Players, Home of the Icons and Best Tournaments.

The top South American football players from both the past and present are displayed in the Best Players gallery. Fans can select “The dream team,” a perfect squad comprised of their favourite players on interactive displays. It also features three different games: Golazo meter where one can test his football kicking skills, Fastest Ginga to test the agility, and CONMEBOL corner to test one’s sharpshooting skills.

Home of the icons is where fans can connect with the past and see South America’s two best players in history — Maradona and Pelé, a life-size sculptures of both can also be seen where fans can take photos along with them. It also features historical items from the very first Word Cup: The Jules Timet Trophy, Tiento Football, both from Uruguay World Cup 1930 and Obdullo Varela’s Ankle Boots, Brazil World Cup 1950. 

The Best Tournament gallery is where fans will be journeyed through the best tournaments in South America. It features a 7×4 soccer field where all can play. The Tree of Dreams opens from 9am until midnight and runs during the World Cup, until December 18.