Cold nights ahead as QMD warns of strong wind and high sea

Doha: Qatar Meteorology Department (QMD) warns of strong wind with high sea on its weather forecast for the weekend. It also further warned of poor visibility at some places on Saturday. 

Weather conditions at first will likely be misty to foggy followed by mild to hot daytime and cold nights. Slight dust will likely be present on Saturday. 

The lowest temperature forecast during the weekend is 21 degrees Celsius while the maximum temperature will reach 32 degrees Celsius. 

On Friday, the wind will mainly blow northwesterly at 5-15 KT gusting to 22 KT at North offshore. On the next day, the wind will blow in the same direction at 8-18 KT gusting to 25 KT in the afternoon. 

Sea heights will vary at 1-3 ft / 5 ft inshore. For offshore, sea heights will range from 2-5ft rising to 7 ft at Friday and for Saturday, it will vary between 5-9 ft. 
Visibility during the weekend will likely range from 4-8 kilometres to 2 kilometres or less at some places at first.