Qatar National Library is offering a creative way for children to celebrate the holy month with a series of Ramadan-inspired design workshops, which began recently. 
The first workshop was hugely popular, bringing together a diverse group of children aged six-12. Using special machines provided by the library, workshop presenters taught the young participants how to design and create different symbolic decorations to celebrate Ramadan in their homes. The unique Islamic elements and patterns reflected in the personalized individual designs offered an opportunity for participants to exchange different Ramadan traditions practised in the Gulf region and many other countries. The workshop also brought a focus on encouraging family traditions in celebrating Ramadan.  The library is offering a full program of events throughout May, which is focusing on the theme of faith. Zainab Elmi, who attended the event, said: “I have so far attended two events during Ramadan at Qatar National Library and enjoyed all of them. These events offer a good chance for people who want to spend their time doing something new in daylight hours during Ramadan.”  “We are grateful to Qatar National Library for organising such events in Ramadan, which allow us to socialize with other visitors and learn in a fun way. I am new to Qatar so attending these events give me a chance to get to know the people and the place better,” said Yasser Ahmed, another participant at the event. The decoration design workshops continue on May 18 and 25.