Catering course for officers

The Directorate of Defence Communication at the Ministry of Defence (DDC) has announced the conclusion of Officers’ No. 1 Catering Course in the presence of S Brig Mohamed Jaber Lubda, head of supplies and logistics authority. Some 24 officers from different 

administrations and authorities attended the 5-day course. Brig Mohamed Mirdif al-Qashooti, head of self-catering processing 

committee, said that according to the instructions of QAF GHQ, catering will change to self-catering system as of 1-1-2018. During the course, participants were given information about the role of QAF’s catering warehouses, their duties and tasks as well as validating hygienic conditions of workers in messes and their sub warehouses. Information about safe and healthy food, as well as methods of preserving food was also given.

As seen on GulfTimes  Image Credits GulfTimes