Call to curb stunt driving on public roads

The menace of stunt driving, which damages public roads apart from risking lives, should be curbed, a cross section of Qataris have told local Arabic daily Arrayah while urging the authorities concerned to launch a broad awareness campaign.

Surveillance cameras should be installed on all the streets that are known to be used by young people for stunt driving and spot the violators accordingly, they suggested. 

Stricter penalties, such as impounding the violating vehicle for up to six months, should be enforced. On the other hand, more practical alternatives in the form of well-equipped tracks and clubs should be provided for the young people who wish to display their driving skills.

Mabkhot al-Marri pointed out that bad company often contributes towards dangerous driving practices and parents should monitor the conduct of their children to prevent them from falling into such trouble. 

Taleb al-Mansuri stressed that those who practice stunt driving, often minors and young people, should be given community service penalty and pay fines equivalent to the damage they cause to the roads. 

"Some do not mind paying the fines as they could afford so, but community service would be a deterrent penalty for many," he observed. 

Saleh al-Obaildy said that surveillance cameras already installed on many roads and streets should be used to spot such violations as well and the penalties should be very strict even from the first violation to set examples for others. 

He also suggested that alternate locations should be provided for young people to exercise their hobbies.

As seen on GulfTimes  Image Credits GulfTimes