Cabinet issues draft law regulating real estate brokerage

The Cabinet took the necessary measures to issue a draft law regulating real estate brokerage in the country.

The move came after the Cabinet reviewed the Advisory Council's recommendations on the draft law, the official Qatar News Agency (QNA) reported.

The draft law deals with the provisions of licensing to engage in real estate brokerage, the obligations of a real estate broker, his/her disciplinary liability, revocation of the licence and the establishment of a real estate agents' committee at the Ministry of Justice, QNA said.

The committee’s duties include reviewing complaints received from the parties concerned regarding decisions made by the department in-charge dealing with real estate brokers' affairs.

After HE the Prime Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa al-Thani chaired the Cabinet's regular weekly meeting at Emiri Diwan yesterday, HE the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Zaid al-Mahmoud said the session approved a draft decision by HE the Minister of Education and Higher Education on the executive regulation of Law No 23 of 2015 regulating private schools.

The draft includes provisions related to the licensing of schools and documents that have to be attached to the licence application, the licence duration, bank guarantee in favour of the ministry and retention of the bank guarantee for the entire licence duration. The draft also exempts “community schools, schools distinguished by the ministry and schools that do not aim to make a profit” from providing the bank guarantee.

HE The Minister may exempt any school from paying the bank guarantee wholly or partially if the reasons are for the public good.

The draft identifies the conditions and specifications of the school building, school system, records and the files that the schools are committed to keep.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet gave its nod to a draft decision by HE the Minister of Education and Higher Education on determining the prices of textbooks and

Fee exemptions

The Cabinet approved a draft decision by HE the Minister of Interior on exempting some sections of people from the ministry's service fees and certificates.

“The draft decision exempts people with special needs and those eligible for pensions in accordance with the provisions of Law No 38 of 1995 on social security, from fees and certificates of the temporary residence permits campaign,” QNA reported.

It also exempts non-Qatari residents with special needs from residence permit renewal fees.

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