Bloated belly Remedy  - Here is 5 Foods that will help you reduce it

Eat these foods as natural Bloated belly Remedy . Here's what you can eat to fight bloating:
1. Curds (Avoid if you're lactose intolerant)
Not all dairy products cause gas! Cheese and milk could end puffing your stomach up, but curd especially Greek Yogurt can help slim you down. That's because curds carry good bacteria which helps your intestines process food better and in turn beats bloating. Consuming probiotic curds can help keep a healthy balance of bacteria in your gut.
2. Cucumbers (Fruits and veggies with high water content)
Drinking lots of water and eating fruits and veggies with a high water content helps reduce bloating. Cucumber is a prime example that helps you flush out. Along with cucumbers, watermelon, grapes and pineapples are also great fighters of bloating. Pineapples contain potassium that helps combat water retention, which is why it works even better as an anti-bloating snack.
3. Ginger
From soothing throat infections to ailing stomach aches, ginger is miracle root full of health benefits and reducing bloating is one of them. It reduces intestinal spasms, is also a good palette cleanser and blocks the feeling of nausea.
4. Banana
High in potassium, filling and a lazy person's favorite fruit – there is no reason one wouldn't love bananas! However unripe bananas can cause gas, be sure to eat ripe bananas to help reduce the bloating.
5. Oats
Being high in soluble fibre, this delicious breakfast food helps with constipation or gas. And avoiding constipation is one way to avoid bloating. Other rich sources of soluble fibre would be doctor-friendly apples, pears and strawberries.
All of the above-mentioned foods will help get the uncomfortable feeling away, but it's always best to avoid bloating by simply chewing your foods properly and eating slowly enjoying every bite.