Baladna Food Industries Company, Qatar’s largest producer of fresh dairy, is all set to meet local market demands for premium fruit juices as well. Balada's brand-new product line of six unique juices has come in time for the holy month of Ramadan and the summer season, according to a statement issued on Thursday.

The 100% natural summer fresh juices, with no added sugar, are available in Orange, Apple, Pineapple, Fruit Mix, Tropical Mix, and Pomegranate Mix flavors.

Baladna, which covers 95% of the local market’s need for fresh milk, has invested nearly QR10mn in the new juice line to produce 17,000 packages of 180ml juices and 12,000 packages of 1.5l bottled juices per hour. Dr Kamel Abdallah, CEO, Baladna Food Industries Company said: “Ever since June 5, 2017, Baladna has been writing one success story after another, which includes flying in cows within 36 days of the blockade, introducing a variety of dairy products like yogurt, Laban, ayran, and long-life milk, to helping Qatar achieve its food security goals.

"The launch of our new juices has further enriched our product portfolio, and we promise to continue exceeding our consumer's expectations with innovative products”.As one of Qatar’s leaders in dairy and beverage production, Baladna has been contributing to Qatar’s self-sufficiency goals by adopting an innovative line of products.
Currently, Baladna has nearly 20,000 Holstein cows and supplies the market with all the necessary dairy products comprising fresh milk, ayran, Laban, yogurt, Arabic ghee, and cheese.

Baladna has also started exporting products to Afghanistan and is looking to expand to regional markets like Kuwait and Oman. Established in 2014, Baladna Food Industries has grown to be Qatar’s largest locally-owned food and dairy supplier. The rapidly expanding Baladna Farm is located an hour north of Doha on Shamal Road and is open to the public. It spans over 40 hectares of land. Balada's fast-growing product line includes dairy products, oriental sweets, and juices. Baladna is also a local leader in animal feed and fertilizer production.