Aster offers free scanning facility to Indian medical organisations

Aster DM Healthcare has announced that it has offered free 300 MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and 300 CT (computed tomography) scanning facility worth QR1mn to the Indian Doctors Club and Indian Medical Association (IDC-IMA) Qatar, registered under the aegis of the Indian embassy.

The initiative is part of Aster’s 30th anniversary under the banner of [email protected], it said in a press statement.

The announcement was made by Dr Joji Mathews, president of IDC-IMA Qatar, and Dr Sameer Moopan, chief executive officer of Aster DM Healthcare - Qatar, during a function held at the regional corporate headquarters of Aster in the presence of Dr Prajeesh Padmanabhan, vice-president, IDC-IMA, and other committee members of IDC-IMA.

The project aims to achieve “the wellness of people who cannot afford to go for such tests in the private sector”, the statement said. Some 400 doctors of IDC-IMA would be referring eligible candidates to benefit from this programme.

Dr Mathews said: “We are glad to be a part of [email protected] community service. This initiative will immensely help patients who are financially challenged and those who are on a waitlist to get advanced early diagnosis and treatment.”

Aster DM Healthcare is one of the largest private healthcare networks operating in the Gulf.

As seen on GulfTimes  Image Credits GulfTimes