Aster launches new healthcare scheme targeting 25,000 low-income workers

Aster DMH Qatar, a division of Aster DM Healthcare, has launched a new healthcare scheme for 25,000 low-income workers of various nationalities, at a discounted annual rate of QR200 per person.

“The scheme aims to provide quality healthcare for low-income workers who earn less than QR2,500 monthly,”Aster DMH Qatar CEO Dr Sameer Moopan told a press conference yesterday.

“Such annual treatment would cost us QR300 per person without any profit and we would further subsidise it by another QR100 by using QR2.5mn from our CSR fund, as we plan to cover about 25,000 workers in the scheme,” he said.

Aster DMH Qatar medical director and chief medical staff Dr Nazar Moopan, Customer Relationship Management senior manager Nikhil Joseph, and Clinic Operations manager Nitin Premkumar were present at the event attended by representatives from the embassies of Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and India.

The scheme provides unlimited doctor consultation, major diagnostic investigations including laboratory tests, X-ray, ECG, ultrasound scan; basic treatment and medicine for the members.

It covers 50 tests and for medicine, QR10 will be charged.

“Initially, the scheme will be made available at Aster Medical Centre in Industrial Area.

Later, we will include the Aster facilities at Al Ghanim, Al Khor and Al Rayyan in the programme,” explained Dr Sameer Moopan.

“This scheme will immensely help patients who are financially challenged and those who are on a waitlist to get an advanced early diagnosis and treatments,” he added.

According to Joseph, people can join the scheme individually or companies and welfare associations can make arrangements to get the employees registered.

“Anyone who is eligible for the scheme can come to Aster Medical Centre in Industrial Area and register for the scheme by providing their valid Qatar ID card.

We do not ask for any other documents such as salary certificate or other records,” he explained.

Aster Industrial Area Clinic provides all the basic treatment.

Cases related to ophthalmology and orthopaedics will be referred to the Aster facility at C-Ring Road.

“The main aim behind our effort is to provide good healthcare to those who really need it. We urge the people of the low-income brackets to make good use of this health package being offered at Aster Medical Centre at Industrial Area. Early diagnosis is very critical in the treatment of any disease. By offering the right diagnosis and free medication, we hope to make quality healthcare accessible to all,” added Dr Nazar Moopan.

Enrolment can be done through WhatsApp (7479-9300); e-mail: [email protected]; call, 4444-0499 or by filling in a form on

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