MBA in Qatar can be done as a full time course or online mba in Qatar or as a distance education MBA. There are insititute which offer the distance education model but with limited weekend lectures for MBA. HEC Paris in Qatar offers Executive MBA, Specialized Master's Degree    Business Administration, Strategic Business Unit Management. University of Essex Online MBA Human Resource Management, Stafford offers an online mba in Qatar. They cover Strategic Management, Leadership in Practice, Managing Across Cultures, Management: Principles and Practices. You can get more details about this online mba in qatar by stafford by filling this form. . An executive from University of Essex will contact you regarding the online MBA course. Start dates for this course are tentatively February, June and September. MBA in qatar foundation by HEC Paris is detailed at qatar foundation website  


Why should you do MBA?
Are you a sales,marketing, Administrative professional. Then definitely you have to do it. Its seen that getting an MBA degree in qatar give you more tahn 30% of salary hike for the same positions you work on. For those who have experience in the above said fields its very easy to grab an MBA, because its more or less what you apply in daily routine job. You just relaize the scientific facts behind each task you are doing. You get to teh next level of learning and application of scientific administration strategies getting to the next level of your career.An MBA in Qatar will give you a solid business foundation in areas such as finance, management, information technology and marketing

Where should i do MBA in Qatar?

  • HEC Paris in Qatar Apply here
  • University of Essex Online MBA Human Resource Management, Stafford ( Online MBA in Qatar )
  • University of Northampton MBA Plus - Stafford
  • University of Leicester MBA - Stafford

HEC's Executive MBA in Qatar is an intense program more focussed on practical applications developed to make you understant of the socio-economic and environmental aspects of international business.The medium of teaching is in English and the format is a 4day module every month. Apart from doha the allotted centers are Paris, Beijing and Shanghai. The total length of the course will be 18 Months. With a special docus on startegy and leadership in the global international business you will learn from top faculty with a wide industry expertise. The specialization includes Luxury, Aerospace, Energy, Digital Transformation of Business, Differentiation & Innovation through Services, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Reinventing Business for Emerging Markets, Entrepreneurship - Developing your Business Project