Arabian Nights Lusail: A taste of Qatari culture

An Arabian night in the middle of the city, this is the promise of the Arabian Nights Lusail where guests can experience an exceptional true Qatari culture every night.

It is situated on a 6, in Lusail with a lovely Fairmont Doha background and includes tents, seating places called majlis, live football match screenings, a bonfire, and a variety of Arab food and specialities. Sand was utilised as the flooring and carpets were set up for seating in order to create the feel of a real desert.

Arabian Nights Lusail management confirmed to The Peninsula that live football matches are being broadcast on three large screens as well as within tents, where games are shown on two screens. 

Entry is fee QR20 and children below six years of age are exempted from entry fees. In total, there are 20 food and beverages retail kiosks installed around the area.

Furthermore, the entertainment venue provides a variety of activities for everyone, such as henna, shisha, daily traditional and Arabian performances and a kid’s section. Kim and her visiting mother said that the place is nice and showcases genuine Qatari culture. “The fresh air and stunning hotel tower background make it the ideal place to unwind and enjoy the games, especially at night.”

Hugo, who is from Spain, said that the Arabian Nights Lusail offers a glimpse of the Arabic culture. “It is reachable by Metro, and the area is lively! The country’s culture may be experienced via all the senses—taste, see, and feel. A must-see destination.”

Jamaima from Philippines who happened to visit the place described the area as resembling to a “desert village in the centre of the metropolis.” 

“It’s enjoyable since you may buy a lot of food and local goods for you and your pals. There are several carpets and bean bags available for seating.

Additionally, private tents are available if you want some privacy. It’s fun, one should bring his friends and family here.”

Arabian Nights Lusail opens from 12pm to 2am. To reach there by Metro, use the Red Line to Legtaifiya station, change to the Lusail Tram Orange Line, and exit at Marina Promenade.