A Bigger Ipad!
Width of the iPad Pro is the same as the height of the iPad Air, so you can run iPad Air apps with additional space to the side. It's a magical piece of glass that lets you touch the software. It can do things that a smartphone can't do, because it doesn't have to fit in your pocket, and it can do things a laptop can't do because you can hold it all day. Biggest screen on an iOS device, more power and performance than any iOS device. Weight of new ipad is around 1.57 pounds. Slightly heavier than first iPad. Its 6.9mm thick compared to 6.1mm for the Air 2 model. It has a Four-speaker audio system that balances stereo and frequencies depending on how you hold it. With a decent back up of 10 Hours. It renders on 60fps for even AutoCAD :-) Thats pretty awesome. But still i fear how many will use AutoCAD on a tablet device. It is claimed that it is faster that 80 percentage of the PC's available as of now and graphics are faster than 90% of the portable pCs. Comes with A9X chip, with 2x memory bandwidth and 2x storage performance. Introduces new stylus called as Apple Pencil ( Costs $99 )
Apple ipad pro comes in Space Gray, gold, silver. Starts at 799 and goes to 1079. ( USD ) WIll be Available on stores form November.


This is the iPad Pro. iPad is the ultimate expression of our vision of the future of computing. It's the most capable and powerful iPad we've ever created. It is chock full of amazing technologies and innovations.

New models are shipping today in 24 countries, Watch OS 2 September 16th. Low-end aluminum watch now comes in gold-look finish. So new Apple Watch Sport models, in the same finishes as the Editions. There's a custom Hermes watch face and three leather band choices. 

"We think the power and potential of Watch OS is unlimited" -- Jeff Williams