Age limit for receiving Covid-19 vaccine revised: Official

Doha: The age limit for Covid-19 vaccine in Qatar in the first phase has been reduced, a Ministry of Public Health official announced today.

“Today it was announced, for non-Qataris it is age 50 years and above and those with complicated chronic illnesses and for Qataris all age groups,” said Dr Soha Al Bayat, Head of Vaccination, Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) during an Instagram live Q&A session.

"Hopefully soon the next phase will be announced and non Qataris also will have a lower age group," she added.

She urged everyone to register on the Ministry website to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. The on-line registration will allow people who meet the requirements of priority groups to request an appointment to receive the vaccine, said Dr Al Bayat.

She also expressed hope that sufficient number of people will be vaccinated against COVID-19 in Qatar by summer and around the world and herd immunity is reached.

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar