AAB, Public Parks Department tie up for reducing carbon footprint

Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros Co (AAB), the exclusive distributor of Toyota and Lexus in Qatar, is partnering with the Public Parks Department (PPD) of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) on its bid to reduce Qatar’s carbon footprint by using hybrid vehicles.

AAB and PPD yesterday entered into a memorandum of understanding followed by the handing over of a Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle for the PPD’s use in all its endeavours focused on environmental care. This is part of AAB’s Corporate Social Responsibility commitment to the community.

The Toyota Prius Hybrid operates on both battery and gas/petrol engine and electric motor depending on the driving conditions, achieving efficient driving. The electric motor reduces load on the engine during driving, thus contributing to low emissions and reducing harmful substances in exhaust gas as well as lower fuel consumption – making it an environment friendly car.

The initiative is PPD and AAB’s joint collaboration to support the five-year National Sustainable Development Strategy 2017-2022 which includes ensuring access to affordable and clean energy.  Working towards clean energy in transportation leads to developing a healthy environment, enhancing environmental indicators and reducing harmful carbon emissions.

R K Murugan, AAB’s acting CEO /COO – Automotive said during the press conference, “We are glad that Public Parks Department has invited us to collaborate on this noble initiative of reducing Qatar’s carbon footprint.  We share the same values of caring for the environment and this is one of our collaborations that emphasise this commitment.”

Mohamed al-Khouri, PPD director said “We thank AAB for supporting  and joining us in our bid to contribute to the reduction of Qatar’s carbon footprint.”

The Toyota Prius is just one of a number of hybrid vehicles that AAB has made available in Qatar.

As seen on GulfTimes  Image Credits GulfTimes