A chance to express love for Qatar through art

Doha Festival City (DHFC) visitors will have the chance to take part in creating the country’s largest mosaic, alongside Qatari artists Lina al-Ali and Radi al-Hajri, over the coming days.

The collective work of art, dubbed ‘For the Love of Qatar’, is an initiative of Qatar Summer Festival (QSF) and continues from August 10 to 15. QSF is organised by Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA).

The artists will be at DHFC between noon and 3pm and again between 5pm and 8pm daily throughout the six days.

During those times, children and adults alike are invited to take part in creating a mosaic for Qatar. Once completed, it will be displayed at Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum.

“We are very pleased to be providing a unique platform for artistic expression at QSF this year, especially with so many people seeking an avenue to express solidarity with Qatar and its people,” QTA’s tourism events and festivals director Mashal Shahbik said.

“Bringing local artists to areas with high footfall gives them a unique opportunity to interact with people, while at the same time enhancing the mall-goers’ experience,” she noted.

As QTA continuously works with its partners, Shahbik said they are always exploring new ways to create authentic Qatari experiences for the country’s visitors.

Al-Hajri is a multi-talented artist who likes to express himself through poetry, writing and art.

Commenting on his upcoming collaboration with QSF, he said: “This event relies on the participation of the public to complete a mosaic of individual feelings and expressions that will create a message on a larger scale, which in turn represents and reflects the pride in Qatar.”

Al-Ali, who is an author of children’s books and a full-time visual arts teacher, shared the sentiment, saying: “I believe that art has the power to transform a common mundane reality to a surreal beautiful expression that speaks to people from all walks of life.

“‘For the Love of Qatar’ delivers a simple yet powerful message for everyone living in this country.”

Radi al-Hajri. (centre) Lina al-Ali. (right) Mashal Shahbik

As seen on GulfTimes  Image Credits GulfTimes