Doha: Over 329 tonnes of dates were sold at the 2019 International Dates Exhibition which concluded yesterday, amid a great turnout in the last two days with the participation of 150 local and intentional exhibitors from ten countries.

“The exhibition attracted a big number of visitors especially in the last two days for several reasons like the weekend, maximum discount promotions offered by exhibitors reaching up to 50 percent,” said Mohamed, an exhibitor.

He also noted that the turnout was good during the exhibition and the average daily sales of dates remained between 120 to 140kg per stall every day. “I think the turnout was good from the beginning but it turned massive during the last two days of the exhibition.”

The 2019 International Dates Exhibition was organized by the Agriculture and Fishery Affairs Department of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME), in collaboration with Souq Waqif.

During 11 days, the exhibition aimed to promote the national product of dates, identify its different types, supply its various types, attract visitors and tourists and encourage the conservation and care of the palm tree, in addition to making this event as an annual event linked to the cultural heritage of Qatar.

“The big turnout on the last day has become a trend for many people. It is true that the last days witnessed promotion reaching up to 40 to 50 percent discounts but it is not justified or excuse for anyone to make it a habit to wait until the last day as it also creates crowds at the place,” said a vendor Mona.

She also noted that her company’s pavilion had provided 40% discount and it had participated in the event for the first time.

Director of Souq Waqif, Mohammed Al-Salem, said in a press statement that 150 local and foreign companies specialized in the production, supply, and distribution of dates from 10 countries participated in the exhibition, these countries are: Palestine, Jordan, Iran, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Oman, Kuwait, and Sudan, in addition to some representatives from Iraqi companies.

He added that the exhibition is an opportunity to showcase all types of local and non-local dates and derivatives, which will positively affect their sales volume and enhance the ability to increase production.
It is also an opportunity to establish strong ties and exchange of experiences between date producers and manufacturers from inside and outside Qatar.