166 Immigration Counters Operational at Abu Samra Border Crossing

Doha, Qatar: The Permanent Committee for the Management of Abu Samra Border Crossing has implemented measures to streamline entry and exit procedures, significantly reducing the processing time to mere seconds, according to an official statement.

One of the key initiatives undertaken by the committee is the expansion of emigration and customs counters to a total of 172. Additionally, the introduction of a Pre-Registration Service aims to expedite the process for travelers, said Captain Shafi Khaliwi Al Shammari, the committee's secretary.

Typically, the entry and exit procedures at Abu Samra Border Crossing now take between 20 to 40 seconds for most travelers. Those requiring an entry visa and fingerprinting may experience a slightly longer duration. However, individuals who utilize the Pre-Registration Service in advance can complete the procedures within a mere 10 seconds. The Pre-Registration Service is accessible on Metrash 2 for citizens and expatriates and on the Hayya Platform for citizens of other GCC countries and visitors.

Established in 2013, the Permanent Committee has been directly overseeing the border crossing and implementing measures to enhance traveler facilitation. To expedite procedures during peak periods, especially during holidays and sporting events, the number of emigration counters for entry and exit has been increased to 116 and 50, respectively, totaling 166 counters. Furthermore, 12 counters are dedicated to customs, and the vehicle checking facility operates with a capacity for 60 vehicles simultaneously.

Captain Al Shammari emphasized that ongoing renovations and development at Abu Samra Border Crossing aim to add more administrative and service buildings, ultimately increasing overall capacity. The Pre-Registration Service offered through Metrash 2 is an optional feature designed to enable citizens and residents to swiftly complete departure and arrival procedures via a dedicated fast lane at the Abu Samra border.