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Forklift Operator
Job Summary:The Material Handling Equipment (MHE) Operator is responsible for operating all Material Handling Equipment in a safe and efficient manner and executing physical handling of lifting and shifting of palletized goods, materials or cargo from one place to another in a safe and efficient manner
Key Result Areas (Responsibilities):
1. Perform Putaway or Order Picking and prepare product for shipment using Radio Data Terminal (RDT)
2. Performing transactional posting using RDT for putaway and order picking tasks
3. Unload inbound shipments safely and move products to the marshalling area requirement.
4. Ensuring effective execution of work so that all assigned tasks are executed in the most efficient manner and without delay thus achieving high productivity rate
5. Performing stock count or cycle count as and when required
6. Arrangement of empty pallets in an orderly manner and sorting out good and broken pallets and transferring of broken pallet to the pallet yard
7. Performing other warehouse duties as and when instructed and assigned by the Team Leader or Supervisor.
8. Performing pre and post inspection check on MHE on a daily basis by carrying out safety checks of equipment in accordance with set procedures
9. Operate equipment safely and in accordance with set rules and guidelines
10. Charging and changing of batteries in accordance with set schedules and procedures
11. Ensure MHE cleanliness is maintained and fill up inspection report and notify Supervisor of any defects
12. Ensure proper use of RDT by handling the unit in a safe manner without dropping, knocking or damaging the unit and to charge the unit after each use
13. Ensure truck drivers or any unauthorised personnel do not enter the warehouse through the dock doors
 Skills/ Experience/ Certification:
1. High School Certificate
2. Minimum 1 year working experience, preferably in a modern warehouse environment
3. Able to read and write English
4. Capable of following verbal and written instructions in English
5. Able to perform simple mathematical functions
6. Physically fit as manual handling required
7. Forklift or Pallet Mover – electric/battery operated or diesel operated
8. Valid Forklift driving license or GCC driving licence for light or heavy vehicle
9. Ability to work in a cold store environment if required (subject to correct safety equipment etc).
10. Knowledge in computer is an added advantage
11. Able to work under pressure and ability to multi task is important

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